A brief thought on the Democratic Party

According to polls, a majority of all voters prefer most of Bernie Sanders big policy proposals. By absurd margins, the next generation of progressive voters (and many of the libertarians as well) prefer Bernie as the candidate to enact those policies. The same is true of the largest group of voters in America: independents, who outnumber both Democrats and Republicans.

Despite all of this, and despite him winning over 45% of the delegates so far, the Democratic Party establishment is doing everything in its power to stop the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and to curb his influence on the Democratic convention. Not only do they want to prevent him from being the nominee, they want to prevent his policy proposals from becoming part of their platform. This is true even though a majority of all Americans favor his policy proposals.

Superdelegates and party insiders have gone to Hillary by absurd margins even when the voters in their states made it very loud and clear they prefer Bernie. SuperPACs have been spending to boost her in the primary instead of waiting until the general election to defeat Republicans. Think about that. SuperPACs are spending to defeat Bernie and his coalition of young voters and independents. In fact, they specifically targeted minority voters with ads associating Hillary with the historic and enormously favorable presidency of Barack Obama (despite the fact that she was his opponent in 2008 and tried all kinds of racist attacks against him).

My argument is not to disenfranchise the people who voted for Hillary. But that’s absurd anyway, because it’s the opposite of what’s happening. She has less than 55% of the delegates but she is on track to have 100% control of the Democratic Party. Again, this is despite the fact that a majority of all voters prefer Bernie’s policies even if they prefer her as the candidate. Given the low voter participation in our sad excuse for a Democracy, the restrictive rules in many states disallowing independents from voting in the primaries, and strong statistical evidence of systematic election fraud favoring Hillary, I’m not even sure a majority of voters prefer her as the candidate.


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